About BRCF

Harvard Medical School (HMS) is now accepting applications for the Bertarelli Rare Cancers Fund (the “Fund”), available through a generous gift to HMS from the Bertarelli Foundation.


The Fund’s purpose is to support research projects that optimally advance our capacity to prevent, treat, and cure cancer with a focus on rarely occurring cancers.


Research will focus on the identification of underlying core pathways that are critical for tumor proliferation and survival. This includes investigations of genetic and epigenetic alterations that drive these phenotypes as well as tumor dependencies that will lead to identification of therapeutic strategies. Preference will be given to research associated with clear cell odontogenic carcinoma or other closely related rare cancers.

BRCF Request for Proposals

Key Dates


February 11, 2020

Request for Letters of Intent 


DEADLINE EXTENDED: March 18, 2020 (5:00 p.m. EDT)

Letters of Intent Due


June 25, 2020

Full Proposals Invited


September 15, 2020

Full Proposals Due


October 2020

Funding Decisions Announced


October/November 2020 

Anticipated Funding Start